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We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children
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diane-abbott_120_x_137Diane Abbott is a 'Racist' and so are we all

Yes, Diane Abbott is a ‘racist’.  Why should that not surprise anyone?  Because everyone is a ‘racist’, at least to some extent.  Even those who make a point of cosying up to other races; who tell you about how much they socialise with and like other races, are ‘racist’, because in so doing they are acknowledging that races exist and are noting their own involvement with them as ‘other’.  At some level, they feel 'different' and deny this feeling for ideological, religious or some other reason.

Even those who have children by other races are ‘racists’.  White women (almost always lower working class or underclass) who have sexual relations with blacks (and miscegenation in Britain is mostly on these lines), are attracted by physical and personality characteristics peculiar to blacks and because, as Dr David Starkey pointed out to much abuse from the usual suspects, having been deliberately deracinated and taught to despise their own culture, they are now ‘culturally black’.



The murder of Stephen Lawrence, who in all probability was a decent enough young man minding his own business, was undoubtedly a foul crime.  Two men, Gary Dobson and Davis Norris, have been found guilty of the murder and we should be glad that they have at last got their just deserts - if indeed they are guilty.

Nevertheless, 18 years of having this case shoved down the nation’s throats for political reasons would be enough to make any reasonable person heartily sick of the name ‘Stephen Lawrence’.  The BBC devoted almost its entire early evening news and the London Area News that followed to this case, reporting it just as you would expect a culturally marxist organisation to report it, relishing the way, it claimed, it has transformed the police and the country 'for the better', ie more culturally marxist.



The NHS and the British Disease

Written by Tim Heydon

nhs_120_x_120Most working people agree that one of the few remaining pluses about the current social set–up in Britain is the National Health Service.  Though there has been plenty to moan about in the way it operates in recent years, still, there it is in the background of our lives, ready to help us in our hour of need.  It is the State at its best, surely?

American Health

Why then are so many in the USA opposed to Barack Obama’s moves to bring in a National Health–style scheme for the USA?   Until ‘ObamaCare’ kicks in, in 10 years’ time, most Americans have their health provided for through their employers.  So what health care you have is negotiated between yourself and whoever you work for and / or whatever other arrangements you make for yourself.



havelYesterday, a requiem mass of stunning beauty was sung among the gothic splendours of Prague’s St Vitus’ Cathedral as a small brave nation said goodbye to one of its greatest sons in a moving ceremony of great dignity.

Vaclav Havel was what we might call a ‘liberal democrat’, but although we do not share his liberalism we can nevertheless hail a man of astonishing principle who led his people to freedom from under the oppression of leftist tyranny.  In any case he was far more of a patriot than are any of our ‘Liberal Democrats’.  As such, as a fighter against Marxism and Socialism and as one who in his life asserted the reality of right and wrong, his passing got the minimum of attention from the BBC and the rest of the leftist media.



christmastree2_120_x_150Is Christmas just a lovely story, a colourful myth or fairy tale to keep naïve, unsophisticated adults and innocent children amused at a dreary and uncomfortable time of year?  Or is it something more?  How much of the Christmas story can we believe to be true?

The Beginning is in the End

In order to find out we should first go, not to the beginning of the story of Jesus but to the end.  That’s because the accounts of the birth (and life) of Jesus were written in the light of the events surrounding his death.  So then, is what we are told in the Bible about his last days, his execution and resurrection – is that true?



jackstraw_120_x_75The Jews have a word for it: ‘chutzpah’.  It means something like ‘outrageous gall’; incredible, arrogant, brass neck; audacity; stepping over the bounds of acceptable behaviour, etc etc.

Jack Straw should know.  He is, after all a Jew ’On my mother’s side’, (as he remarked in that infamous Question Time programme when the culturally Marxist political establishment easily skewered Nick Griffin and wrecked the chances of the BNP), and therefore a Jew in the eyes of many if not most Jews whether he is practicing or not.

Whatever intellectual rationalisations Straw may proffer, this fact, we may be pretty certain, lies at the bottom of his evident desire to strip the British people of the land of their ancestors.  It is the selfish motive to make himself as a Jew feel more at home in this country.


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