Tuesday 21 October, 2014
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children
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vbr1 120 x 109You think that because you managed to infiltrate the nationalist movement with state agents, blackmailed criminals and perverts all those years ago, then activated them in 2009, when nationalism was starting to break through and brought us down to where we are today that you have won.

You think that by destroying the British National Party that you have destroyed for ever the will of the patriots of this country but you are wrong, so wrong.

You think that by creating Zionist front parties and parties designed to cause division and friction between the Welsh, Scots, Irish and English, that you will be able to keep us divided and ensure that the British People are no threat to your evil wet dream of a New World Order - with your vile race of evil creatures at the top of the pyramid.

You think you have won but you are wrong.

By flooding the counties and the homelands of the British People with the dross of the third world to subvert the democratic process in order to destroy it, you thought you were being clever - when the truth is you were simply signing your own death warrants.

Because the British People will one day triumph and will bring you before our  courts and the penalty for treason then will be death after which, we will take your homes and the land that you have stolen from us back.

You can now think about this.

When you took away democracy from the patriots and people whose country this is, you changed the rules of the game and now that most of your paid agents and dupes have been exposed a more patriotic, harder and more politically aware union of patriots will be formed and WE WILL DESTROY YOU.

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