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stop-the-toxic-bedroom-tax 120 x 140Leo McKinstry of the Daily Express has written in support of the bedroom tax.

As you might expect, he says a lot of things which are either true or reasonable, but ultimately he is still very much a part of the system.  He notes that:

"This perfectly sensible measure is not a tax at all but just a reduction in subsidies to social housing tenants who live in bigger accommodation than they need."

While it is true that the bedroom tax is not strictly speaking a tax, this is of little comfort to its many victims.  Is Mr McKinstry the sort of person who likes to point out that peanuts are not really nuts?  Or that jack rabbits are not rabbits?  Pedantry is rarely an endearing quality.



Peter Jay - fellow traveller

Written by Kasredin

Jay 140 x 81Many readers of this site will doubtless be able to remember Peter Jay, formerly a television celebrity and Zionist fellow traveller.  Born to Labour politician parents, he became a presenter with London Weekend Television in the 1970s, and also worked as a newspaper journalist and diplomat.  He is related to a former deputy governor of the Bank of England, and also to former Tory cabinet minister Virginia Bottomley.  His father-in-law was the Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan, who appointed Jay as ambassador to the USA.

I first became aware of him back in the 1990s when he was the Economics Editor for the BBC, and appeared in news broadcasts as well as on The Money Programme, usually doing person to cameras.




Written by Kasredin

EnolSodomite 120 x 152It is reported that inmates in British prisons are being punished for indulging in gay sex.  Apparently this has prompted some people in the gay rights community to argue that the health of gay inmates is being compromised.  Gay men in prison are often unable to obtain condoms, and so risk contracting HIV if they have sex with other inmates.

There is in fact a controversy about HIV, the supposed virus which causes people to contract AIDS.  HIV has apparently never been isolated, and therefore its existence has been questioned.  I feel morally obliged to point this out to the reader, but I do not consider myself to be sufficiently well versed in the biological sciences to comment further.



TAMERA-FOSTER-570 120 x 180Tamera Foster is a teenage girl from Gravesend who is currently being touted as a possible winner of this year’s The X Factor.  She is grabbing headlines not only for her singing, but also for the fact that she was recently cautioned for an assault.

The X Factor has strict rules about contestant behaviour, as previous contestants have found out.  Sisi Jghalef was expelled from the competition after it emerged that she had a criminal conviction, and Frankie Cocozza quit under duress after admitting to taking illegal substances.  The rules appear to have nothing to do with morality, however.  The point is to ensure that the winning contestant is not refused entry to the USA.



A small but welcome Victory

Written by Kasredin

Nick Clegg David Cameron Titanic 120 x 179I am very pleased that the British government has been defeated in the House of Commons over its plans to bomb  Syria.  Nevertheless it is hard to be certain exactly how much significance we should place on this defeat.

The vote was about whether or not Britain should take part in military action against Syria if certain allegations against the Syrian government could be proven to be true.  The defeat appears not to be the end of the matter, and another vote is expected to take place in the next week or two.

The defeat was not a matter of principle, although some of the MPs who voted against the government may well have objected in principle to a war with Syria.  A key factor in the defeat was the failure of the Labour Party to support the government, although this was not a principled opposition, and Ed Miliband has not ruled out supporting military action in a future vote.



David Irving on Heinrich Himmler

Written by Rerevisionist

irving-himmler 140 x 79Just a short note. David Irving's ten-venue speaking tour is almost over; he is following it by a guided tour around sites (such as Sobibor) in eastern Europe. He's now 75 and seems as energetic as ever. He's keeping up-to-date with printing technology; he has print on-demand copies available for many of his books, and translations into many languages. His subject on this tour was Himmler's life and death, in five parts--

Chester Wilmot's radio broadcast on Himmler's alleged suicide; Himmler's death in the 'specially prepared house'; Himmler's youth and adulthood, until his death aged 44; information on shootings in the Reinhard camps; and his part in the bomb plot against Hitler.


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