Thursday 23 October, 2014
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trevorwithwhore_120_x_105So they have finally managed to find someone to pin the blame on for the death of the black power drug dealer Saint Stephen of Lawrence, well it took them long enough - but to be honest I would not trust any evidence provided by the establishments political police in this matter.  How difficult could it be to plant "incriminating" DNA onto a suspects clothing, especially if you have had access to it for 18 years or more?

Never mind though, think of all those lovely ethnic votes gained for the race traitors of Westminster.

Well let us see what the Black Leech, Trevor Phillips said about it over on one of the biggest rag papers ever, the scum sucking Telegraph.  Well after a fountain of anti-white vomit, the piece by Phillips that angered me most, was this bit.

And the best news of all is that we are steadily transforming what it means to be British in the most natural and permanent way of all.  As many families gathered for their Christmas dinner, the faces around the table would no longer have been the uniformly cheery pink-and-white of Dickens’s Yuletide.

So what we have here, is an open admission by a notoriously corrupt, perverted black parasite, that he is happy that the genocide of the True British People is moving along nicely and that their places around the tables of Our Country are being replaced with the dull and sullen black faces from the Jungles of Africa and the ghettos of Pakistan.

Now a couple of quick reminders about the Black Leech Phillips.  Here you can read how the creature sucks the tax blood of the True British by guzzling expensive wine and feeding his fat face and those of his cronies on plump little pigeons.

Here you can check out his liking for much younger "white meat" and how he "paid" a close personal friend (with your money) £308,000 for a job worth £30,000 tops.

Phillips of course, is most famous for saying that white people are "less than human".

Well Phillips, I have some news for you.  One day it will be a "cheery pink-and-white face" that will pull the lever that drops the trapdoor on your scaffold.

After a fair trial of course - should we not get the result we want the first time, then thanks to you and your rat government - we shall just keep on bringing you back to court until we get the result we wish.


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