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cllredwards1_120_x_158Interesting.  Very interesting.  I was reading Councillor Kevin Edwards site, Justice 4 Linda Lewis, that gives regular reports on the campaign to date to win justice for Linda Lewis, after her daughter was kidnapped at gunpoint some years ago and noticed some of the comments are a must read for those of us who have been following this story. 

Councillor Edwards appears to have The Establishment on the run and we look forward to his final victory and justice for Linda Lewis.

You might also notice whilst you are on the Councillors site, that he is also promoting the new campaign Organisation Britain First, that appears to be doing rather well around the country.  Hardly surprising with people like Kevin helping to promote them. 

Kevin was you remember, a British National Party councillor until he resigned, after Nick Griffin MEP, refused to take action against the violent thugs within the crumbling party that were and still are shaming British Nationalism in Wales.

So where does the anti-corruption patriot Norman Scarth, who is currently falsely imprisoned fit into this article?  Well I received an email giving details of a protest outside the court in support of him and as you can see if you follow them, the email contained some very interesting links.

If possible, please show it also by coming to Administrative Court no. 28 at the Royal Courts of Justice today - at 10.30am.
From my perspective of having looked at MANY victim stories of many different kinds, this is the best comment:

805. In the name of HUMANITY AND JUSTICE FREE THIS DEAR MAN and while you’re at it THE STATE should return all the kidnapped children by social services.

For just as you don't believe that an 85-year-old WWII veteran can be imprisoned for recording a court session, unless you hear about it, you cannot believe the horrendous stories that are happening in the name of "child protection": with gagging orders and in the Secrecy of Family Courts!
But crimes, injustice and pains cannot be compared... They must be endured and learned from.

Frightening stuff indeed.  All we are now is consumers, cattle to be milked and slaughtered by The Establishment and our children kidnapped as part of a mad political experiment or much much worse, to be used by the paedophile "elite" as sex objects.

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