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black_black_paper_chainAnother burst of insanity from Ofqual - they're the qualifications watchdog, sometimes prefixed with an 'F' by those sensible people who are righteously annoyed with their meddling.  Just say it, Eff Ofqual....

This time they're going in for such madness as counting the number of images used in exams to ensure that they do not prejudice ethnic minorities.

There must be a perfect balance of blacks and whites - so surely that means what, 3 or 4 in a 100 images should be of a black, that's correct as a representation of the population unless we're talking prison population? - and personal names used in questions must be monitored.

It won't turn out that way though, we all know that it will end up with a non white face - if you can see the face past some of those burkas! - inserted at every opportunity.

Since the drive to deliver equality encompasses other traits such as gender, and sexuality, we can imagine the madness that results.

Gita and Juanita - who was Jose but who is 11 and awaiting gender reassignment - were playing at dressing up in burkas and learning about Islam.  John refused to play the game because he is racist, transphobic, and Islamophobic.  He won't share his sweets with them either.  John has 8 sweets, and Gita and Juanita take them from him, redistributing them equally between themselves as part of a program of positive action and redressing social imbalances.  How many sweets do Gita and Juanita each have now?

Let's just make all education as totally non biased as possible.  Instead of teaching them a thing, children can be presented with a black piece of paper - it has to be black - wrapped in a blue covering with just a slit of paper showing, and sometimes with a corner missing or something.

There.  Race, gender, disability, religion, all covered in one go.  They'll not be allowed to write on said paper, it's perfect as it is.  Don't even think about tippex, that would be introducing whiteness into a perfect representation of diverse equality.

It really is no wonder educational standards have plummeted.  In between the - doubtless glorious! - benefits of a multicultural classroom where 30 different languages are spoken, kids are being force fed some insane equality project created by the hysterical.

You really can imagine someone at Ofqual - a member of an ethnic minority group of course - being paid to count the images used in an exam or publication and ensure that the correct levels of diversity have been promoted.  We've got to make jobs for them somehow, and the public sector is apparently their largest employer.

As for kids?  Enjoy your black paper, blue all over covering with a narrow slit - when you move up to the next year your paper will alternately have hair/no hair glued to it in order to explore gender and transgender issues and their racial/religious implications and enrichments.

Don't worry about spelling your name, or being able to add 1 + 1.  No kid needs that just so long as they've been turned into a good little PC drone.

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