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for_the_fallenSad news once more as we see another six of Britain's finest sacrificed in the foreign hell of Afghanistan.

Just named are the six heroes who were killed when their armoured vehicle was hit by a massive bomb - Sgt Nigel Coupe (33) of the 1st Battalion of the Duke of Lancasters Regiment, Cpl Jake Hartley (20), Pte Anthony Frampton (20), Pte Christopher Kershaw (19), Pte Daniel Wade (20), Pte Daniel Wilford (21), all of the 3rd Batallion of the Yorkshire Regiment.

All of our thoughts are with their families and loved ones.  All of us mourn the loss of these brave men and salute them.

Their deaths bring us to 404 British military casualties in Afghanistan, and many thousands more wounded.

None of them need have suffered or died, they are 404 deaths too manyWe should never have gone into Afghanistan to begin with.

Politicians started the war, corporations and a few bigwigs profit, and good men and women from the world over, including some of the bravest Britain has to offer, pay the ultimate price.

Once we leave Afghanistan - if we ever leave other than as a result of some conjuring trick renaming troops as agents of humanitarian aid on paper - we'll be propping up a puppet regime for decades with vast amounts of foreign aid, at least unless the highly likely scenario that it collapses and a 'hardline', West hating, Islamic regime gains (open) power occurs.

Collapse and a Taliban mk 2 regime is the most likely situation, and then our wretched politicians sitting down to do business with some of the very people who have been active in attacking British soldiers.  They'll name the bombers envoys of peace then, you watch with sick bags at the ready.

Those in charge - and we, the voter, who keep on voting for them - still don't learn from it.

The eyes of the warmongers, our British politicians and big political parties among them, are on Syria, Iran, heaven alone knows where else.  All places we have no call to be looking, and all places that will see numerous more good lives thrown into the meat-grinder of war.

We're always told these wars will make us safer in the UK, but we just need to look at an encroaching Islam and countless Islamic terror plots here at home to see the lie of that.  Our streets are not safer, they are a nightmare in waiting.

We're always told it's in the interests of democracy, and of freeing an oppressed people.  Democracy at gunpoint.  The hatred of the local populace for us amply demonstrates that we're not wanted.

We'll not 'win' these unwinnable wars.  At the very best we'll get fragile puppet regimes, endless western support to keep them there, and populations who despise us.  Deaths and suffering will continue for decades.

Get our brave boys and girls out now.  If the politicians and big business want war or occupation then let them shed their own blood, and that of their own families, not the blood of the bravest and the best our nation has to offer.

Enough is enough, no more British lives must be allowed to be sacrificed in illegal and futile foreign wars such as the one ongoing in Afghanistan.  404 is too many, just 1 alone would have been too many.

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