Friday 31 October, 2014
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children
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englands_enriched_futureBradford is a land of opportunity apparently.  Idiot dhimmi headmaster Richard O'Sullivan calls it "an opportunity" that in his school only 26 out of 700, or roughly 3.7%, of children speak English as their mother tongue.

The figures for Byron Primary School speak for themselves.

Two thirds Pakistani heritage, a quarter Bangladeshi, the rest a mishmash of mixed race, white British, and random hangers on from all corners of the globe.

Just brilliant.  Without a whimper we've become less than 1 in 12, and a white moron names it opportunity.

Forget integration or multiculturalism, however undesirable both may be in themselves, the only viable terms for this are racial replacement and mass colonisation.

You cannot possibly have a situation where 96% don't even have English as a mother tongue, let alone where percentages are obviously similar for alien racial heritage, and call it anything else.

It is the replacement of one racial group by another, the seeds of slow genocide via the border and the cradle.

When, for Bradford as a whole (and apparently London, Slough, Luton, and Leicester are even more 'enriched'), 43% of children overall also do not have English as a first language, we see that pattern repeating and expanding.  It spreads out from an epicentre of colonisation and domination so to speak.

There is no integration at all - there is ostracisation of the indigenous and conquest of a nation.  In comes the flood of the foreign, out go the indigenous in a ripple effect which spreads out until it encompasses all.

When those children, 43% for Bradford as a whole - higher since this figure is based only on language, not on race - have children of their own (and at doubtless higher birth rates than the white indigenous), we lurch yet further towards subjugated race in colonised nation.

The indigenous white British - all of us - are being replaced and the process is accelerating.

Britain?  Nothing more than a set of lines on a map.  British whites?  Expendable, make way, the new colonists are here to make our land theirs.

We're expected to shuffle off without a whimper other than to ask our colonisers what we can do to make them happier as they conquer.  All the while we'll be accompanied by the zealous voice of idiots like Richard O'Sullivan saying that it's an opportunity and not a problem.

If becoming extinct is an opportunity then go for it Richard, but speak only for yourself.  We've no desire to go that way.

This land is ours, and there is very little of Britain in a school where less than 4% can even claim English as their mother tongue.  That land has been taken from us.  The few white, British children thrust into that cauldron have been made the strangers in their own nation, the ones who must integrate with the invader.
Would Pakistan, or Bangladesh, or Israel, or any other nation, call such a scenario where their own people are an almost extinct minority "an opportunity", especially if it were not an isolated scenario but were repeated across their nation?

Of course they wouldn't.  Opportunity be damned, it's the quiet invasion of child, it's the seeds of our future oblivion.  No other (non Western) nation is so stupid or suicidal.

Celebrate your fantastic teaching skills, raise our invaders to a high standard of English - at least that way we'll understand them when they recite the last rites over the grave of the indigenous British people.  That's where it leads, there are no two ways about it.

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