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One of the great myths of our age, one repeated constantly in every white Western nation, is that immigrants do the jobs which natives of the particular nation, in our case, the English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish, will not do. As such, the implication given, is that immigrants are essential to the continued well being of the host  nation.

What must things have been like before we lazy, work shy, Brits opened our doors and started ushering all these millions of willing dirty job doers in?

Here in Britain, of course, the older readers amongst us will doubtless recall how difficult and unpleasant it was to walk down the pavement during the great street sweeper shortage of 1964. Their parents before them lived for years without tasting a gooseberry or a Cox's pippin during the fruit picker famine in the 1930's

Of course in the early 1950's, most families lost poorly loved ones when thousands of hospital patients died unnecessarily from starvation and neglect, just because there were no nurses to take care of them before the immigrants arrived.

Another thing which I find completely amazing is that there were so many more public toilets in our cities back in the days when nobody was prepared to clean them! Gosh life must have been unpleasant when our grandfathers got caught short!

Of course, as we all know the “jobs white folk won't do” claim is another of the huge lies like “the economic benefits of immigration” and “only white people can be racist” which the promoters of multiculturalism have managed  to insert into our folklore.

The fact is that, for a short while after they arrive, some immigrants are forced to do the jobs which:

a) employers don't want to pay a living wage for
b) nobody can afford to do at the salary offered unless they are prepared to live nine people to a bedsit. (or moonlight six evenings a week at Uncle Raj's convenience store)
The other claim, of course, is that immigrants bring skills which the locals don't have. This is an even more dubious claim and often quite a dangerous one, particularly when it comes to the health service, where political correctness requires that we pretend to treat medical qualifications obtained in Kampala or Islamabad as if they are worth more than a diploma in woodwork. Meanwhile the government save money by not having to train our own doctors, as its  ministers quietly pay their BUPA subscription, and pray they never get treated by a doctor who qualified in Kampala.

Some of the claims have more merit, such as in relation to the indisputably invaluable Polish plumbers. However, this is only because they possess skills which we have given up teaching our own youngsters.  A situation which could be turned round in a year if the government wanted to do so.

As for Indian trained IT workers being better qualified than their UK counterparts is concerned, as anyone who has spent an hour on the phone to Bangalore attempting to solve a Broadband problem knows, that's a joke, they're just  a lot cheaper.

In any event as mass immigration has shown us, soon after arrival, far from doing the jobs English workers wont do, immigrants quickly end up doing the vast majority of the new jobs which the growing numbers of Unemployed UK workers would dearly love to do!

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