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big_brotherWe are about to become a police state.

Yesterday, a serious announcement was made on a not-so serious day, prompting some of us (myself included, perhaps out of vain optimism) to believe it was a joke.  It was not.  The announcement was that new laws are to be introduced, giving the government powers to monitor the phone calls, emails, website visits and texts of every person in the country.  They will be able to know who you contact, for how long, and by simply getting permission from a magistrate, the exact contents of your communications will be made known to the security services.

One major difference from previous powers is that GCHQ will be able to access your data in real time rather than retrospectively going through stored data.

Many of us believe the government do this anyway.  Regardless, now they are openly admitting that it will happen, and so an opportunity has been created for us: whereas before if you spoke about government surveillance, many would label you a conspiracy theorist, now they have no option but to believe since the establishment themselves have announced their intentions to spy on every individual in the country.

If you haven’t already, please first update yourself by reading the following two stories.  Firstly, the original article published on the BBC on April 1st:

For some morale and encouragement, please check the comment section (which is now closed).  Then do the same for the article published today (the comment section may also be closed by the time you read this):

You should also read Southwest Nationalist’s take on this event.

Following several recent discussions in the Official British Resistance Paltalk room, I have come to believe that things are rapidly falling into place now with respect to the final fate of our nation.  Unless action is taken quickly, we will be living in the Democratic Republic of Britain within a few Parliaments.

Elections are perhaps a useful exercise in some circumstances, but overall a futile effort.  We aren’t going to change the situation or repeal government surveillance laws by standing for Parliament.  Besides, this legislation is set to be announced in May – we simply don’t have the time for long-term efforts to combat it.  Therefore we must take what action we can, however small, right now.

Firstly, sign the e-petition launched by someone called Max Wilson (Max, if you read this article at any point, well done for your initiative).  If it gets to 100,000, Parliament will have to hold a discussion and a vote – perhaps this can even take place before the legislation starts to make the rounds in Commons and Lords.  Once you have signed the petition, email and link it to everyone you can to get to that hundred thousand as fast as possible (and then ask them to pass it on as well).

Britain First does not have a campaign up for this yet.  As soon as it does (if it does) I urge all readers to take part in any petition-signing or MP-lobbying activities recommended on their site.  I will update this article if news of such an undertaking is received.

This brings me to Action Stations.  Thanks to the work of the Green Arrow, this site now features its own small online activist page, where relevant newspaper articles, forum threads, polls and petitions will be posted to encourage our readers – that means you – to take part in them.  If enough people who read this site use Action Stations regularly, we could be looking at mobilising an activist force several hundred strong.

In the interest of encouraging fellow patriots to take action as you have done, dear reader, I would ask you to publish news in the comments section of Action Stations of anything you have done.  If you sign the petition, please say in the comments “I just signed the e-petition” so that other people will follow your example.  Go do both of those things when you finish reading this article.

Finally, I must impress this on any readers who do not yet understand the gravity of the situation: this legislation is equivalent to the government being able to know who you speak to in your living room, for how long, what about, and also the exact contents of the conversation if they achieve a warrant (which I cannot believe will be difficult).

We have to oppose this every inch of the way.


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