All Your Spring Cleaning in ONE Day! – Part #2

Welcome back to our one day spring cleaning guide. Part one of our spring cleaning guide is here.

Lets jump right back into it with the Bathrooms.


Bathrooms are best done in bulk. Not one by one. This will save you sometime. Unless of course you only have a small home with one bathroom. If you have two or more bathrooms complete one task, then move to the next bathroom and do the same task there.

Start with a toilet cleaner. Spray it in the toilet and let it soak.

Next, while the toilet soaks, start with the bathtub, shower and walls. Spray the cleaner everywhere that needs a clean and let it soak for a minute or two. Use this time to check on the washing machine and put another load in and get the original load into the dryer.

Once you are back scrub down everything, the tub, the toilet, inside and out, the shower, the tiles if you have tiles on your bathroom walls. Everything! After scrubbing down rise off everything.

Next scrub the taps, sinks and counter tops and then rinse them off.

Once you are done rest the toilet brush under the lid (as seen in the photo) to let it dry off so it doesn’t sit in the toilet brush contain and never dry properly.


Next up are the baseboards so you will have to get down on your knees.

If the baseboards were only dusty you would have already dusted them down at the start. If they need to be cleaned and have stains use an all purpose cleaner to get them clean and then wipe them down.


Ok here we go moving on to the biggest item in a home. If you have carpets then the first thing you want to do is go over the carpets with the vacuum cleaner very thoroughly. Once done don’t wear shoes inside anymore. Or if you still want to make sure you use shoe covers. The other option is to useĀ  indoor slippers.

Next is carpet strain removal. If you need to deal with any stain removal use your store bought stain remover and do it after you’ve done the carpet vacuuming.


Next up is the floors! You just done the vacuuming so that part is done. Next up is the hardwood floors or any floors you have that are not carpet. For most homes that have carpet in most of the house this will be the kitchen.

Start with a good vacuum and use all the attachments that come with the vacuum to get into all the hard to reach places.

Next is the mopping of the floors. Remember how to supplies list had two buckets? Fill one with cleaning solution and the other with fresh water. This way instead of putting the mop back into the dirty cleaning solution you can rinse it off in clean water.


And finally once you have done everything take out all the rubbish that you found.

That’s it! You’re done! Time to relax to a nice glass of wine or a beer.

If you want a night checklist to follow here is a great checklist from The Glitter Guide – One Day Spring Cleaning.

Ad finally if you are most the visually type then here is a great video to watch about spring cleaning that covers everything you need to know.