4 Daily Cleaning Chores for a Clean Home

Just doing four daily cleaning chores at home will not clean your entire house or apartment but they will make a pretty big difference on the overall fell of your home.

The good part is these for cleaning chores only take a few minutes to complete each day and will keep your home fresh and clean. Then when you actually do a bigger clean on the weekend for example you won’t have so much cleaning to do.

Clean Dishes

A sink full of dishes is a huge eyesore and just makes a kitchen look really gross! If you let dirty dishes stay in the skin you will also allow bacteria to grow and odd smells will start to show up very quickly that are not the pleasant kid!

The reality is that cleaning dishes only takes a few minutes everyday, even if it’s twice a day, to get your kitchen looking really clean.

Dealing with dishes is very easy. If you don’t have a bin in your kitchen the get one. As soon as dishes ditch the rest in the bin unless it’s being kept for left over. Then rinse all the dishes and wash them. It will take you all of two minutes to have a clean kitchen once again.

As a bonus wipe down the area around the sink to give it a fresh look and fell.


This will depends on if your home has carpet for the most part of hard floors. Dust accumulates very easily on both carpet and hard floors. So no wonder it’s on the daily chores list right?

If you don’t have a small vacuum cleaner then buy one. For daily cleaning you don’t want to be using a bulky and powerful Hoover for example. That defeats the purpose of a ‘quick clean’.

Giving your carpets a once over for 5 minutes on a daily basis or even ever seconds day could mean that you never have to do a big clean at the end of the week. The same goes for sweeping hard floors. You can use the vacuum but it’s much easier to just quickly sweep the hard floors as it’s much faster. A quick sweep everyday for five minutes will actually save you time in the long run.

The same applies if you are using these tips for office cleaning. We recently spoke to WJS. They do commercial cleaning in Winnipeg. And they even offer a daily carpet cleaning service to their client that includes basic carpet cleaning. So if the professionals are doing it why are you going to skip it?


Washing your laundry is such an easy daily task to deal with. This might not be a daily task but if you have a large family it will be. If you don’t need to wash laundry daily a good routine to get into is to actually use the washing machine as a dirty clothes basket.

This will save space in your home and once the washing machine is full you can just start a load of washing. This will keep your clothes cleaner as you will do washing more often than letting your clothes pile up for the weekend wash.

On the weekends you can do all your underwear and bras in mesh laundry bags if you don’t like to clean them in normal washing loads.

Quick Tidy Up

A quick tidy up on a daily basis will keep you home very clean. A tidy home fells good and it only takes a few moments to deal with daily. Plus if you have company over you will only ever have a few things to tidy up compared to an hour plus work if you never do a quick tidy up.

Hopefully these tips were helpful and good luck with your new daily cleaning routine! You can also download and print this cleaning checklist if you like.