All Your Spring Cleaning in ONE Day! – Part #2

Welcome back to our one day spring cleaning guide. Part one of our spring cleaning guide is here.

Lets jump right back into it with the Bathrooms.


Bathrooms are best done in bulk. Not one by one. This will save you sometime. Unless of course you only have a small home with one bathroom. If you have two or more bathrooms complete one task, then move to the next bathroom and do the same task there.

Start with a toilet cleaner. Spray it in the toilet and let it soak.

Next, while the toilet soaks, start with the bathtub, shower and walls. Spray the cleaner everywhere that needs a clean and let it soak for a minute or two. Use this time to check on the washing machine and put another load in and get the original load into the dryer.

Once you are back scrub down everything, the tub, the toilet, inside and out, the shower, the tiles if you have tiles on your bathroom walls. Everything! After scrubbing down rise off everything.

Next scrub the taps, sinks and counter tops and then rinse them off.

Once you are done rest the toilet brush under the lid (as seen in the photo) to let it dry off so it doesn’t sit in the toilet brush contain and never dry properly.


Next up are the baseboards so you will have to get down on your knees.

If the baseboards were only dusty you would have already dusted them down at the start. If they need to be cleaned and have stains use an all purpose cleaner to get them clean and then wipe them down.


Ok here we go moving on to the biggest item in a home. If you have carpets then the first thing you want to do is go over the carpets with the vacuum cleaner very thoroughly. Once done don’t wear shoes inside anymore. Or if you still want to make sure you use shoe covers. The other option is to use  indoor slippers.

Next is carpet strain removal. If you need to deal with any stain removal use your store bought stain remover and do it after you’ve done the carpet vacuuming.


Next up is the floors! You just done the vacuuming so that part is done. Next up is the hardwood floors or any floors you have that are not carpet. For most homes that have carpet in most of the house this will be the kitchen.

Start with a good vacuum and use all the attachments that come with the vacuum to get into all the hard to reach places.

Next is the mopping of the floors. Remember how to supplies list had two buckets? Fill one with cleaning solution and the other with fresh water. This way instead of putting the mop back into the dirty cleaning solution you can rinse it off in clean water.


And finally once you have done everything take out all the rubbish that you found.

That’s it! You’re done! Time to relax to a nice glass of wine or a beer.

If you want a night checklist to follow here is a great checklist from The Glitter Guide – One Day Spring Cleaning.

Ad finally if you are most the visually type then here is a great video to watch about spring cleaning that covers everything you need to know.


All Your Spring Cleaning in ONE Day! – Part #1

Spring cleaning is a topic that most people don’t really like to talk about. But how about if you could get your entire spring cleaning done in a single day? Wouldn’t that be lovely? It sure would!

Today we are going to cover exactly this. How to spring clean in a single day if you decide not to hire a cleaning company to do the work for you.

So where do we start?

Spring Clean Supplies Checklist

The first place we need to start is the supplies checklist for your spring clean. If you want to actually be done by the end of the day and not end up dragging you spring clean over a few days then you need to be equipped with all the tools for the trade.

This is what you should buy:

  • All purpose cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Hardwood floor cleaner and/or title cleaner (depending on what’s in your home)
  • Window and glass cleaner
  • Stain removal spray
  • Plenty of scrubbers!
  • Trash bags
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • De-greaser
  • Two mop buckets and a mop
  • Vacuum cleaner

Once you have all of this you are ready to go! Now if you fell like you have more to do and one day will not be enough you can read this spring cleaning guide on how to spring clean your home and not miss anything. But it will take a few days!

Spring Cleaning Preparation

Before you officially start the spring clean there are a few things you need to do. First up kick everyone out of the house who is not going to be cleaning with you. If you have kids get them to stay with a friend for the day.

Next is to make space. So start with normal cleaning and get your dishes cleaned, dishwasher empty, laundry done and so on. This way you don’t have anything in the way for your spring clean.

The Process

Now you should be ready to start cleaning. Follow the plan below and you will be done in no time.

Blankets and other Big Items

Gather up all your blankets, rugs, pillows and any other things like this you might have and get them into the washing machine. Do this first as you will likely have a few washing loads to complete as each load ends. You will be coming back to this all day.

Lights and Fan

This next task should not be skipped and is #2 for a reason. Dust all your sealing fans and light fixtures with a microfiber cloth. It will be impossible to catch all the dust and this is why this is step #2 so you don’t dirty the floor if you did this step later.


The next step is to move on to dusting the rest of your home. Dust moves as much as you try to control it so it’s best to dust before moving onto any other cleaning.

Work from top to bottom. Start with things that are high up so picture frames and the top of doors. If you have cobwebs use a long handled duster to clean them.

Then move to things like curtain rods, blinds and then bookshelves. Then move to window sills and finally all the power-points near the ground.

When it comes to bathrooms use the same process from top to bottom. It does not matter what you are cleaning. In a house or apartment. Or somewhere else. You need to make sure you dust everything before moving forward!


Next up is any glass like windows and mirrors. The easiest way to deal with glass is with a window cleaning spray or just make you own with watered down vinegar.

Wipe down all the windows of your home outside and in. Then get to work on the mirrors in all your bathrooms and any you might have around you home. Using the same cleaning solution your can also clean all the window sills.

If you have really dirty window sills then it’s best to remove the fly screens and vacuum out all the dirt also.


The kitchen is a beast of its own! You could literally spend a day cleaning the kitchen if it was dirty enough. So how do you clean it quick snap so it doesn’t turn in a all day ordeal? Easy, just follow the quick cleaning guide we have prepared below.

Start with the kitchen vents that generally live above your hot plate. If you don’t have kitchen vents the skip over this step. Soak those kitchen vents for 10 minutes with a strong de-greaser. Also soak the hot plate grates and grills plus the over racks. You might need to rotate them if you don’t have enough space in your tub.

Next is to make use of your time while they soak. Clear our the fridge. Give it a good scrub. And then put everything back in.

Wipe down all your appliances and scrub those with build up. Move everything off the counter tops and from inside your cabinets. Wipe everything down and scrub anything that is needed. Dry everything down with a towel and put everything back.

Next is to deal with the grills and racks you’ve been soaking. Give them a really good scrub. Before replacing them all make sure you clean the hot plate and the oven.

If you area doing your spring cleaning over two days this is a good point to stop and follow on tomorrow.

4 Daily Cleaning Chores for a Clean Home

Just doing four daily cleaning chores at home will not clean your entire house or apartment but they will make a pretty big difference on the overall fell of your home.

The good part is these for cleaning chores only take a few minutes to complete each day and will keep your home fresh and clean. Then when you actually do a bigger clean on the weekend for example you won’t have so much cleaning to do.

Clean Dishes

A sink full of dishes is a huge eyesore and just makes a kitchen look really gross! If you let dirty dishes stay in the skin you will also allow bacteria to grow and odd smells will start to show up very quickly that are not the pleasant kid!

The reality is that cleaning dishes only takes a few minutes everyday, even if it’s twice a day, to get your kitchen looking really clean.

Dealing with dishes is very easy. If you don’t have a bin in your kitchen the get one. As soon as dishes ditch the rest in the bin unless it’s being kept for left over. Then rinse all the dishes and wash them. It will take you all of two minutes to have a clean kitchen once again.

As a bonus wipe down the area around the sink to give it a fresh look and fell.


This will depends on if your home has carpet for the most part of hard floors. Dust accumulates very easily on both carpet and hard floors. So no wonder it’s on the daily chores list right?

If you don’t have a small vacuum cleaner then buy one. For daily cleaning you don’t want to be using a bulky and powerful Hoover for example. That defeats the purpose of a ‘quick clean’.

Giving your carpets a once over for 5 minutes on a daily basis or even ever seconds day could mean that you never have to do a big clean at the end of the week. The same goes for sweeping hard floors. You can use the vacuum but it’s much easier to just quickly sweep the hard floors as it’s much faster. A quick sweep everyday for five minutes will actually save you time in the long run.

The same applies if you are using these tips for office cleaning. We recently spoke to WJS. They do commercial cleaning in Winnipeg. And they even offer a daily carpet cleaning service to their client that includes basic carpet cleaning. So if the professionals are doing it why are you going to skip it?


Washing your laundry is such an easy daily task to deal with. This might not be a daily task but if you have a large family it will be. If you don’t need to wash laundry daily a good routine to get into is to actually use the washing machine as a dirty clothes basket.

This will save space in your home and once the washing machine is full you can just start a load of washing. This will keep your clothes cleaner as you will do washing more often than letting your clothes pile up for the weekend wash.

On the weekends you can do all your underwear and bras in mesh laundry bags if you don’t like to clean them in normal washing loads.

Quick Tidy Up

A quick tidy up on a daily basis will keep you home very clean. A tidy home fells good and it only takes a few moments to deal with daily. Plus if you have company over you will only ever have a few things to tidy up compared to an hour plus work if you never do a quick tidy up.

Hopefully these tips were helpful and good luck with your new daily cleaning routine! You can also download and print this cleaning checklist if you like.



How to Speed Clean Your Home

Lets face it. Cleaning sucks. It really does. No one wants to clean their home. Most people really do wish they could just site back and relax. Let a robot do the cleaning. Well, the way the world is heading maybe that will come in 10 years or so but for now you still need to clean.

If you can’t afford to have a cleaner come in to do your cleaning once per week then you need to clean. But how do you do that without wasting half your weekend that is only two days anyhow?

The answer is…

Speed Cleaning

Speed cleaning is when you full dedicate yourself to the task of cleaning with speed in mind. Sure you could clean and hate doing it and let it drag out for hours. But that is a total waste of time. Here are a few tips to help you speed clean so you get your cleaning done ASAP.

Tip #1 – Never Backtrack

Speed cleaning is about only going through an area once and not backtracking. This means you need all the cleaning supplies you need for cleaning next to you in a bucket so you don’t have to leave to get something else.

Once you are done in the room then you can quickly look over everything to make sure nothing was misses as a final step.

Tip #2 – Left to Right & Top to Bottom

When you are cleaning you need to think about things logically. Do you clean from bottom to top and let dirt from the top fall to the bottom that is already clean? No, the logical way to clean is to work from top to bottom. This way you will not dirty anything that you have already cleaned.

When you are cleaning the floor pick and choose a direction. Form example left to right is a great way to go. If you are cleaning your carpets with a carpet cleaner be it a simple vacuum or a more high powered machine it doesn’t matter. Got from left to right, from one wall to the next. Then head back to the left side of the room and once again clean the carpet from left to right. This will prevent you from going over the same areas twice.

Tip #3 – Don’t Use One Hand Use Two

When you scrubs you get twice the force if you use both hands on the same area. Just using one hand means that you will have to go over the area again and again. So make sure you clean with both hands.

Tip #4 – Use New Cleaning Supplies

A worse down scourer sponge won’t remove much grime. A dirty spray bottle with a blocked nose wont spray right. Before you start speed cleaning make sure all your cleaning tools are up to date and ready to go!

Tip #5 – Don’t Over Clean

A perfect example of wasting time cleaning is to clean to much. If you go over and over an area that is already clean just because you think it will clean the area more. Well, guess what. Once it’s clean it’s clean and that’s the end of the story.

To keep inline with speed cleaning and not waste time. Clean an area once, once it’s done, move on.

Tip #6 – Keep Track of Time

Depending on how big your home is will depend on how long you will take to speed clean but in general speed cleaning should be kept to 30 minutes. If you are going over 30 minutes you are not speed cleaning and you need to work faster or cut out things that you really don’t need to be doing.

Tip #7 – Work as a Team

If you live alone you don’t need a speed cleaning team. But if you don’t then you can cover a larger area and faster. Have two people speed cleaning will mean you’ll be done in no time. You can also make it a game. Set the areas your both want to clean and then start. The looser has to buy the winner lunch!

That is pretty much it for the speed cleaning tips. If you stick to these tips then you will keep a pretty clean place without much time spent on cleaning.

How Often to Speed Clean

There are many way to go about your speed cleaning routine. One is to do a speed clean on the weekend once for 30 minutes.

The other option is to dedicated a few days a week to speed cleaning but only clean for about 10 minutes. This way you don’t really need to schedule your speed cleaning in that much. You just know that you will be speed cleaning on say Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. All of your tools of the trade are ready to go so as soon as your grab them you will be done 10 minutes later.